Kikkan Randall Snatches 4th Career World Cup Win for U.S.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2011 2:29 pm

The U.S. Ski Team’s Kikkan Randall brilliantly fought her way back from a slow start to win her fourth career FIS World Cup sprint in Dusseldorf, Germany.  She made a critical pass in the homestretch in order to beat Russian Natalia Matveeva who held the lead for most of the race.

Randall said of the race, “The course was fast and furious out there. Conditions were pretty warm and rainy early in the day which made the snow really fast and almost icy in places.  It was tough to balance!!”

The tough course posed various problems for all the skiers, particularly Randall as her slow start forced her to make decisions which although risky, proved worth it.

“I didn’t get off to a very good start and had to fight my way up. Chandra Crawford and I exchanged contact a little bit and so I backed off and let her in front around the first corner. I went for an opening through the middle of Crawford and Matveeva coming into Mt. Dusseldorf and made it up into second”


From there, Randall recalls how after coming into 2nd  place she managed to snatch victory from Russian Matveeva.

 “Coming off the final turn I just put my head down and skated with all I had. I was a little off balance but was able to carry good speed in the free skate technique and came up beside Matveeva. I was carrying so much speed, it was crazy!”

This die-hard determination has led Randall to win her 4th career World Cup, and with it, is now boosted fifthin the FIS World Cup overall and first in the sprint standings.

Keep up the hard work,  see you at Sochi 14’.