Lindsey Vonn, Bode Miller and Ted Ligety Riding to Victory on their HEAD Skis

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 3, 2011 12:08 pm

There is no question that Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn are fast. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a couple of US Athletes more humble about their prowess in the sport. So when someone like Lindsey goes out of their way to credit a career-high 1.95 second victory to her HEAD Skis technician, Hienz Hemmerle, and someone like Bode trusts his skis enough to take what is said to be one of the riskiest runs of this year’s World Cup Tour — an entire industry takes notice. Oh, and Ted Ligety hasn’t done too shabby either, racking up high points throughout this year’s tour and seizing a historic victory at the season opener in Soleden.

The respect felt for ski technicians in the world of competitive ski racing typically goes unspoken. However, when your team is represented by athletes winning with such high consistency and when two Americans win downhills on the same day for  a second time, people are going to want to know who it is and how they do it.

Hienz Hemmerle (technician to Vonn), and Tschunti (technician to Miller) are both part of HEAD Skis and are charged with ensuring these athletes have equipment that operates on the same level as they do. This is no small task. Ski techs have their work cut out for them with ever changing weather and course conditions. Not only that,  they are accommodating the needs of individuals who have a tendency to do the unbelievable! Athletes at this level have the capacity to burst through boundaries that were previously thought impenetrable The latest generation of skiers have managed to continuously propel the sport to ever increasing levels — making it difficult for technology to keep up! Thankfully, Bode, Ted and Lindsey have a company like HEAD Skis backing their athletic pursuits. Head serves as not only a sponsor in the sense of providing cutting edge equipment to facilitate victories such as this past weekend — but also by listening to their athletes’ needs and providing the tools for them to evolve accordingly. This philosophy is clearly working, and the results are sending the respect of the US Ski Team Athletes and HEAD Skis to cosmic heights.

There are a lot of players involved in the game of competitive skiing. So rarely do all these aspects function in such cohesion. It makes experiencing such victories a sight to behold and incites a sense of pride when it is your country being represented by such forces.

World Cup coaches and technicians work hard and rarely get a public high five – but that’s the way it is. For Bode and Lindsey to go out of their way to throw a very public verbal high fives to their coaches and techs, it’s a big deal — as it should be.

Well done everyone!

If you are in the Los Angeles area this weekend you cannot miss the premiere of The Ski Channel’s second feature film, WINTER. Ted Ligety is one of the athletes starring in the film (Bode Miller and Lindsey Vonn were featured in last year’s film The Story). You can learn more about Ted and how he rose to become the Olympic Champion we know him as today.