Partying For a Purpose: BeerBongs for World Peace Help Combat Global Hunger

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 6, 2011 8:18 am

Sunday night at The Ski Channel’s “Winter” premiere afterparty, the ever enthusiastic pro-skier and rope swing jumper, Mike Wilson was exactly where I expected him to be. In the middle of a crowd, chatting with his friends, fellow athletes and fans. As I pushed my way closer to congratulate him on an awesome evening, I saw him holding a black funnel and tube – known to college students everywhere as a beerbong. Promoting his prop to anyone of-age willing to take a hit, he shouted, “beerbong for world peace – come check it out!” I chuckled to myself…beerbongs are fun, but surely cannot cure any of the woes our world is currently facing. Boy, was I wrong!

BeerBongs For World Peace (BBFWP) is a non-profit out to do just that: feed starving children, one beerbong at a time! The brainchild of Cal Poly drinking buddies turned professional business partners Casey Curtis and Quinn Lewis, BBFWP brings a new meaning to the notion of partying for a purpose. Operating under the motto, “We’re thirsty, They’re hungry,” the company sells beerbongs for $10 and donates the profits to the World Food Program, an organization that feeds children in need throughout the world. One beerbong sale generates enough money to provide four hungry children with a wholesome meal.

“We love beer bongs, and we thought it would be great to start a company that gives back right off the bat,” Curtis said. “Most corporations start with the idea they should make money, and then they can give back, but we thought it was such a fun idea that we weren’t really interested in money at all. We just wanted to spread the idea and the cause.”

To-date, BBFP has fed more than 4,000 children, and counting. So, grab your beerbong for world peace now and drink responsibly!

For more information about BBFWP and to see a full line of their merchandise, visit: