The BOOM Movement: Combining Music and Art for Quality Sound While You Ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 6, 2011 7:20 pm

Music and art are one in the same. Shredding through a deep powder day and sketching out your S-turn… also a work of art. How about we combine the three; what do you get? The BOOM Movement! Southern California based headphone company ”BOOM” (Born on Original Motives) is a new brand of DEI Holdings Inc. rising from a culture of renegades: street artists, extreme sports fanatics, and underground musicians. Their powerful slogan – ”Sound inspires; Let the sound inspire you to break the mold and act on original motives” – communicates a rebellious rejection of conventional thinking, going back to the roots of snow, surf, and skate lifestyle. Thus, they have created a line of original accessories to enhance your artistic approach as pen meets paper.

Backed by the world leader in home theater and car audio systems, DEI Holdings Inc. has now gotten into the lifestyle headphone category, a market that has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. BOOM represents a unique offering to the market while adding to the diversity of the DEI portfolio. Founded by street artist and skater, Ryan Minarik, son of DEI’s CEO & President Jim Minarik, BOOM has successfully broken into the market, offering quality products at reasonable costs.

When Ryan developed the concept back in August of 2010, going into his senior year at Arizona State University, he realized that it is during these formative years when young adults separate from their parents, live on a budget and find their true callings. Unique to each individual, ‘original motives’ is a universal concept, including those who have always sought to defy convention, like Ryan.

To grow the movement organically, BOOM implemented a guerilla marketing campaign on campuses that encourages free-thinking and empowered users to express their originality. BOOM’s propaganda stickers, posters and the uber popular door-hangers feature the historical icons of Abe Lincoln and Gandhi, leaders who are forever remembered for being original.

Their methods have successfully moved from a test phase on a half-dozen college campuses –including ASU, Penn State and UC-Santa Barbara — to a full expansion that now includes over two dozen campuses, such as Florida State, Princeton, UCLA, and University of Michigan. BOOM’s expansion has also included major retailers that specialize in consumer electronics such as Fry’s Electronics and Nebraska Furniture Mart.

The products’ clean design, light-weight, and durability are named after their source of inspiration, songs by the original bands Rage Against the Machine and Incubus. The Leaders (earbuds) retail for $19.99 and the Renegades (over-ears) sell for $39.99.

The Facebook page ( gives a taste of the movement. You will see tons of user-created content, with people customizing their headphones, posting videos of them acting on their original motives, and celebrating anything and everything that inspires them.

BOOM’s exciting expansion brought on skier and musician, Geoff Kowalski, as General Manager, doubling the number of campuses while creating other avenues of distribution, including placement at all 34 Fry’s electronics retail locations as well as the large mid-west Nebraska Furniture Mart. Also a part of this expansion is the introduction of additional colors that will continue to empower users to express their own original identity.

The founding BOOM team also includes street artist and skater, Ryan Minarik (founder), and surfer/MC Travis Forster as Director of Sales.

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