Windells Academy Enlists Sports Psychology Institute Northwest for Student Athletes

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 6, 2011 2:28 pm

Windells Academy is teaming with Sports Psychology Institute Northwest on a newly launched program for its student athletes. Portland-based Sports Psychology Institute’s program is designed to give Windells student athletes the tools to improve their mental approach to sports and to bring balance to their overall lifestyle. For over a decade, SPINW has worked successfully with athletes, parents and coaches to achieve consistent peak performance.

Sports Psychology Institute NW trainer Jimmy Yoo is working with both students and coaches on its Competitive Skills Training for Athletes Program (CST). CST is a conditioning of the mind to become mentally tuned and is designed to enhance overall performance. Training includes working on confidence building by teaching visualization techniques, focus and self-talk, breathing techniques, goal setting and time management. According to Yoo “All athletes – competitive and recreational – can benefit from mental skills training to achieve consistent peak performance. These skills enable many to establish balance in their lives and to ultimately enjoy what they are doing to a greater degree.”

Yoo spends time with students and coaches in the classroom and on the hill working on building team cohesion by establishing group culture, employing leadership building exercises and working on improving individual and group communications skills. He works with athletes recovering from injury and planning to return to competition. Yoo also works with athletes in various stages of competition and those individuals transitioning in and out of the sport.

“We’ve already seen the positive benefits in the short time we’ve worked together,” said Windells Academy President, Mike Hanley. “We feel this is a program that will help our students in all aspects of their lives.” Windells Academy is taking an active approach not only on athletics and academics but also in preparing its students for the real world. Curriculum includes “industry workshops” where Academy students visit action sports industry companies like Nike 6.0, K2, Da Kine, Bonfire and Mervin to learn directly what it’s like to work in those industries.

Founded in 1988 by 9-time National Champion and 2-time Vice World Champion snowboarder Tim Windell, Windells has been a world leader in action sports for the past two decades. The camp’s goal is to not only improve kids’ skills on the slopes and on the street, but also create a fun and safe place for kids to creatively express themselves through sports. From building permanent half-pipes, cheese wedge jumps to creating new moves and fighting scoring regulations in competitions, Windells has been a pioneer in action sports. Windells is also the world’s only privately owned campus and features a permanent, year round half-pipe and ski runs as well as BMX dirt bike paths, indoor skate park with foam pit and on-site housing and accommodations for campers. For those who have been there, Windells is known as the “Funnest Place on Earth”.

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