Dont Miss Out on Winter of Wells: The Documentary

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 13, 2011 4:52 pm

If you haven’t checked out the “Winter of Wells” webisodes, then you have a lot of catching up to do. The Wells are a family from New Zealand with a passion for the ski life, and the talent to match it. In particular, or at least so far, oldest son Jossi Wells is killing it on the international ski scene having claimed the top AFP ranking in 2010 and currently residing as the reigning Dew Tour Champion. 

© Nate Abbott / Atomic


The 21 year old Jossi has no plans of slowing down, but little brother Byron, 18, is looking to do some catching up of his own and has been proving himself worthy, earning top ten rankings in both the Winter X Games and the Dew Tour. Both Brothers ride for Atomic Ski, hopping equators seasonally from New Zealand to North America to stay in the snow. With all these snow days, when asked if it ever gets to him, Jossi smiles and says, “Its not that bad…after every ski season I fly somewhere warm for a month”.

Little brother Byron is hoping to fill the shoes of Tanner Hall in the free ski scene, his idol from a young age. Coming up under the shadow of big bro Jossi, Byron will need a giant like Tanner to gain his own unique source of inspiration for the sport. Whats more, the youngest brothers’ in the Wells family, Jackson and Beau-James, are rising stars also, and may soon be nipping at Byron’s heels. I guess the middle child syndrome is a factor even in super athletic families. Oh well, what doesn’t kill you…only makes you throw yourself off giant kickers even harder, right?

 © Tim Pierce / Atomic

Obviously, having four sons who are out on the mountain trying some of the most innovative moves in free ski history can be a little scary for mom, but she is just as supportive as their father, who works as ski patrol at their neighborhood mountain in New Zealand. Both parents are given screen time in the new documentary to praise their children, and also to vent some fear and frustration. Following the success of the webisodes, “Winter of Wells: The Documentary” will highlight the members of the Wells family to show how four world class free skiers can be produced in one family. Tim Pierce produced all 22 webisodes of “Winter of Wells”, and has come back in this documentary to get some more killer footage, but has also captured the maturation of the Wells boys both in stature and status as they continue their ascension into dominance of the free ski world.


Winter of Wells: The Documentary is now available on itunes!