I Rode with Kevin: After a Overcoming Life-Threatening Injury Kevin Pearce is Back on the Slopes of Breckenridge Today

Posted By: on December 13, 2011 2:51 pm

Today was an exciting day for Kevin Pearce. After two long years of recovery Kevin has defied all odds and was able to get back on his snowboard at Breckenridge today! 

Back in 2009, Kevin suffered a life-threatening head injury while training in Park City’s half pipe preparing for the 2010 Olympic Games. While Kevin was in fact wearing a helmet at the time, the impact was so severe there it caused a dangerous build-up of fluid in his brain, which left him in critical condition. After weeks of intensive care Kevin managed to pull through thanks to a collection of loving friends and family. Over the past two years Pearce has exceeded all expectations for recovery and utilized this time to evolve into an advocate for helmet safety. While his Olympic dreams were cut tragically short, his story serves as a testament for the life-saving potential of using proper protection while skiing and snowboarding. 

The sad fact is Kevin Pearce will never again compete in snowboarding. While it would have been truly amazing to see him go up against Shaun White in the 2010 Olympics, we are most thankful that Kevin is still with us. The silver lining is that he is able to ride again — a part of life that probably means more than anything to this young rider. Today, December 13th, Kevin got back on the slopes of Breckenridge and invited everyone in the snow sports industry to join him for some mellow cruisers! Its hard to tell who is more stoked, Kevin to get a board back under his feet or the community of Breckenridge to host this momentous occasion. Everyone who joined Kevin received a special commemorative pin to show their support and participation in today’s shred-fest.

This is a story that everyone can get fired up about and looks to be a wonderful event to be a part of. A big high-five to Breck for putting out such great vibes to one of the snow sports community’s most inspirational members.

Pro-rider Scotty Lago was on the scene at Breckenridge today and put out a video on his Twitter Feed to showcase the stoke of riding with Kevin!