Mountain Riders Alliance: 12 Goals – A Riding Community Can Make A Positive Impact

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 14, 2011 12:24 am

The Mountain Riders Alliance is a forward thinking organization whose mission is to develop values-based, environmentally-friendly, rider-centric mountain playgrounds that encourage minimal carbon footprint business practices as well as alternative energy creation, while making a positive impact in the local community. They are a group of like-minded people dedicated to making a positive change in the ski area industry, as well as supporting the environment and surrounding communities.

The 12 Goals Of The MRA:

1). To give everyone a chance to be apart of their ski area by offering reasonable priced membership shares to the global ski community.

2). To assess and evaluate all potential ski-energy center sites.

3). To build mountain playgrounds that focus on the rider experience, not quick profits.

4). To harness each mountain’s green power potential by strategically placing wind turbines, solar panels, geo-thermal and/or hydropower sites

5). To prove that ski-energy center business models can be profitable without leveraging high cost real estate to support it

6). To receive feedback from the global ski community to help shape our mountain playgrounds

7). To create mountain playgrounds around the world focused on preserving the environment by minimizing damage to nature.

8). To offer affordable skiing/snowboarding to people of all income brackets.

9). To promote physical well-being, contribute to the enrichment of the human spirit, and foster an appreciation of the outdoor environment.

10). To partner with local, national and international non profits to make the world a better place.

11). To facilitate and provide a safe location that offers affordable outdoor educational and recreational activities for the youth living in nearby communities.

12). To create awareness that as a riding community, we can make a positive difference.

Mountain Rider's Alliance Creating Sustainable Mountain Playgrounds

Business Practices

Our mission statement is the foundation of all business decisions. MRA mountain playgrounds are values-based, not profit driven. It is our belief that by making community, environment and rider conscious business decisions, the profits will follow.



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