Photos: Spyder Snow Fest Rail Jam a Hermosa Hit!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 16, 2011 12:11 pm

Photos by Shannon Marie Quirk

The ultimate California rail jam contest was in full swing last weekend, as Spyder Surf collaborated with Mammoth Mountain and an array of top snow industry brands, to make the Snow Fest Rail Jam a huge success. Hermosa Beach’s Pier Street was not only packed with spectators and interactive booths, it was covered in SNOW! That’s right… snow by the beach! 

This collaboration of surf and snow bring me to conclude that California is as radical as it gets, and Southern California really knows how to create a winter wonderland even if we wear sandals year round. The Spyder crew and friends built a super fun course that started with a four-foot kicker, followed by a sweet Matix-flavored car jib — where we got the best photos and saw the majority of wipeouts. Next up was a choice of rainbow rail or up-down box, with several boxes to end the run if you still carried enough speed.

From little 6 yr-old groms, to the elite pros, everyone was having fun and giving it their all for the crowd. Professional snowboarder and Burton rider, John Jackson, was also present as a guest judge.

The finals went off and each rider was given 3 runs to stomp their best tricks. Mahfia shredder, Lil Kim, gave a great show and awed the judges with her nose presses and agility.  UCLA shred betty, Mallory Nordblad, also ripped it up for the ladies.  Local Hermosa rider, Timmy Fletcher, took full advantage of the car jib and told The Ski Channel that the comp was all in good fun, and enjoyed snowboarding in his home town.

Boosting over the 4-foot jump with a backside rodeo was Evan Heckman (pictured right), who pleased the crowd enough to take home the prize — a $1000 bar tab to Waterman’s Bar and Grill in Hermosa Beach.  Even though he is under 21, Evan will still be able to enjoy their great food. $1K can buy a hell of a lot of hamburgers!

“We had initially only invited riders that were 21+ but, as we opened the contest up to younger snowboarders, we figured the older riders would ultimately win the contest… Turns out, the younger kids were killing it!” stated Pono Barnes, Manager of Spyder Boards. “Next year we’ll have different divisions so everyone still gets to ride and compete for an award.”

Spyder Snow Fest Rail Jam winner, Evan Heckman, stomping rodeo’s in Hermosa Beach. Photo: Shannon Marie Quirk

Spyder’s Snow Fest should not be missed. We hope the event returns every year! Enjoy the photos.

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Photos by Shannon Marie Quirk

Keep a look out for our video recap, coming soon on The Ski Channel.