The Official Selections for X-Dance 2012 Announced

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 20, 2011 7:10 pm

The “Official Selections” for X-Dance 2012 have been announced! This past year, the action sports community has been graced with an amazing array of films and documentaries covering the activities that unite us in our shared passion for the extreme!

X-Dance is hands-down, the world’s greatest Action Sports Film Festival. Known as the “Sundance” of Action Sports Film Festivals, X-Dance is celebrating its 12th year by merging with a new media and Network Group, Energy X, as well as partnering with other industry giants.

X-Dance will take place in both Park City and Salt Lake City in January 2012

Not to toot our own horn (too loudly), but you’ll notice The Ski Channel’s feature film Winter made the list! Toot! Toot

Come celebrate the greatest films in Action Sports film making!

Keep checking back for more news and coverage of this year’s X-Dance from The Ski Channel.

And now for this year’s selections:

(in alphabetical order only)

3 Minute Gaps – Clay Porter Productions
8-Bit – Body Glove
A Deeper Shade of Blue – Mccoy Media
After Dark – Level 1 Productions
All.I.Can – Sherpas Cinema
Art of Flight – Brain Farm Prods.
Bluesway – Mccoy Media
BoardRoom – BoardRoom Films
BORN IN – Skater Made Films
COLD – Forge Motion Pictures
Day at the Pool – Salt
Defy – BFY Productions
Drop: My Life Downhill – IAP LLC-Orangefiist
Freedom Chair – Switchback Entertainment
FRONTIER – River Roots
Lost and Found – Corduroy Films
Minds Wide open – Andre Paskowski
The Miserable Champion – Standard Films
One for the Road – Teton Gravity Research
Ordinary Skier – Constantine Papanicolaou
Origins: Obe and Ashima – Big Up Productions
Pass the Bucket with Stephen Murray – Vans’
Pass the Bucket with Tony Alva – Vans’
SANDED – Tar Productions
SOLITAIRE – Sweetgrass Productions
Surf Madness – David Malcolm
TB20 – Standard Films
This is my Winter – Timeline films
Twe12ve – Absinthe Films
Walls of Perception – Poor Boyz Productions
WinterThe Ski Channel
Zombie Skatepark Bloodbath – Don’t Sleep Productions