John Henderson, a 7 Year Old Little Boy Dies After Falling From a Chairlift

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 21, 2011 8:17 pm


Earlier this week, on Sunday, the 18th of December John Henderson, a 7-year old boy from Davis, CA fell from a Sugar Bowl Resort chairlift. It was reported in The Reno Gazette that despite being immeditately rushed to the emergency room in Reno via air support, he passed away from fatal injuries on Tuesday, December 20th.

The loss of such a young member of the ski community is an incredible tradgedy. Although it is unclear whether Henderson’s fall was a result of lift malfunction or a simple accidient, it is a sobering reminder of the risks we take when embarking on a journey to the top of a mountain. Out of this terrible loss comes an opportunity to re-emphasize the merits of proper chair lift protocol and saftey practices.

The young snow sports enthusiast was an avid member of the resort’s ski team, and according to friends and teammates that witnessed the accident, he was reported to be wearing a helmet during the fall.

Due to light snowfall this year, the snow pack is harder and more icy than usual, but ski patrol member James Margolis told the Reno Gazette that a fall from 60 feet is “lethal, whether it’s in good conditions or bad.”