Legs of Steel: The Grande Finale Encore

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 22, 2011 1:05 pm

The Legs of Steel crew have provided a great deal of high-flying freeskiing enjoyment for us throughout 2011. Creating spectacles on par with a rock concert the boys thought it only fitting to provide their legions of loyal fans with one last taste of action before the year runs out!

So here is your Legs Of Steel, Nothing Else Matters the Encore Extraveganza!

You may recall the film’s mind-bottling (yes, bottling) closing segment that incited an earsplitting thunderclap of applause throughout the ski industry. The response was so inspiring that Director Andre Nutini felt compelled to give the people what they want!!!

“This Clip is a big thank you every one of you who screamed for us at a screening, watched and shared our movie and supported us over the last two years. On the jumps, give it up for Lolo Favre, Elvis Harsheim, Lucas Mangold, Sebi Geiger, Nico Zacek, Tobi Mangold, Oscar Scherlin, Antti Ollila, Tobi Trischer, Toni Hoellwart and Fabio Studer for making the shoot what it was, you guys truly rock!”

- Legs Of Steel Visit www.legsofsteel.eu to watch the whole movie for free.