JP Auclair Takes to the Streets of BC in Sherpas Cinemas All.I.Can

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 27, 2011 4:04 pm

All.I.Can, the latest and greatest cinematic offering from Sherpas Cinemas takes you to all corners of the world, shot over 2 years spanning 6 continents. While travel is all fine and good, JP Auclair shows us that you don’t have stray much further than a slush-covered village in British Columbia to lay down one of the sickest ski segments of 2011.

The segment is directed by Dave Mossop who manages to exploit the villages of Trail, Rossland and Nelson, BC for their hidden beauty and hidden freestyle lines! Mossop and Auclair create a segment featuring an urban line that would have been invisible to the naked eye. The soundtrack kills with Dance Yrself Clean, by LCD Soundsystem.

After watching this you’ll be dying to see more. Pick up your own copy of the DVD and Blu-Ray available at Kicker Films