For the Love of Snowskating, Strap In!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 28, 2011 12:44 am

I have two Christmas blogs that I want to write.  I love Christmas and am trying to prolong it as much as possible. But, I know many of you are glad that it’s over, or maybe you just need a little break.  Here is your warning that my next two blogs are about Christmas, feel free to skip these ones.

My brother came to town from San Diego for Christmas.  I had been hounding him to try snowskating when he got here, but he was skeptical.  I knew he would love it because he is a surfer in San Diego and surfers usually fall in love with snowskating very easily because of the similarities between snowskating and surfing.  He was reluctant because…well I don’t know why.  But, probably for the same reason that most people are.   I’ll figure that out later.

Anyway, on Christmas day we went to Heavenly. And, me with my snowskate and my brother with his snowboard had just sat down for a long winter’s lift ride.  We took a few runs that way until I could tell he was pretty intrigued by the concept of not being strapped in.  Before we got in the next lift line, I asked him if he just wanted to try going down a little hill on it.  He unstrapped and stood on the skate and promptly attempted and nearly stomped a pop shove it.  Then I pushed him down a hill, and he made a turn.  His eyes lit up with excitement.

Now, this was the moment that I was waiting for, and I wasn’t going to let the facts that I didn’t have an extra snowskate or snowboard boots stop me.  I told him to take some runs on the snowskate, and I’d strap into his snowboard with my snowskate shoes.

And, wouldn’t you know it?  While I was busy bruising the backs of my calves on his bindings, he was falling in love with snowskating.  After an afternoon of snowskating, he had caught the snowskate sickness.  Next time he’s in town, he’ll be on a snowskate from first chair to last.  It’s questionable that he’ll ever even strap into bindings again!  So, sometimes, on Christmas, to spread a little bit of snowskate cheer, you just gotta strap in. 

The bruises will fade, but that sparkle of wonder and excitement that snowskating brings to the eyes of board-sport enthusiasts will last forever.  Hallelujah, holy shit.  Where’s the Tylenol?