Welcome to Big Bear Scott Stevens, Brandon Hobush and Dylan Alito: Bear Mountain Continues Progression of Pro Team

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 30, 2011 10:58 am

The combination of a classic ski town atmosphere and O.G. status as a terrain park innovator has earned Bear Mountain the reputation of being the premier ski and snowboard destination for SoCal shredders. Ever committed to promoting and progressing the freestyle movement, Bear Mountain has bolstered its roster of pro snowboard team riders by signing on the talents of Scott Stevens, Brandon Hobush and Dylan Alito. Already boasting one of the gnarliest pro teams of any mountain big or small, the infusion of these three young riders serves as a shining compliment to the already-impressive collection of super pros representing the Bear Mountain brand. The moral of the story? Riders from all walks of life are welcome to progress their skill and style at Bear! 

Bear Mountain’s Director of Marketing, Rio Tanbara provides the inside perspective of what these additions means for the mountain and the sport of snowboarding, “The riders we sponsor are the face of Bear Mountain, so we gathered a diverse team that represents our unique mountain experience and of which our fans can relate to,”. “Scott, Dylan and Brandon are some of the three most talented riders in the world. Each of them continually pushes the creativity and progression of snowboarding to unreachable levels; levels we want to see them achieve in The People’s Park.”

Quite possibly the coolest part of this announcement is the upcoming “Sunday in the Park” web series and a slew of additional online content offerings that will be sure to rock your socks all season long. Online fans can follow the exploits of Scott, Dylan and Brandon as they romp around Bear Mountain’s progressive terrain parks. Be sure to see them making moves on the Clayton Shoemaker-inspired Red Bull Plaza tucked away by Chair 9.

Check out exclusive pictures and video from their sessions at BearMountain.com and their Facebook pageFacebook.com/BearMtn.

We’ll be sure to hit you all up with the video series as the edits are released!

Until then, meet the new additions to the Bear Mountain Pro Snowboard Team!





DOB – July 13th

Hometown – Westfield, Massachusetts

Regs or Goofy – Regs

Stance - 23 in, front 18 back neg 9

Park lap tunes? Motown

Rocker or camber? Flat

Lace ups or boas/fast tracks? Lace ups

Favorite Bear Mtn Feature? Quarter pipes

Trick(s) of choice? Nose press, backflips and melons

Role model? My family and friends

Years shredding? 16

Motivation? Friends and people who ride hard


How is Bear different than any other resort you’ve ridden? I want to ride every single feature in front of me. Clayton and the boys make things perfect.





DOB – September 29, 1990

Hometown – Evergreen, CO

Regs or Goofy – Regs

Stance - Around 23 inches. 12 -12 degrees 

Park lap tunes? Kevin Gates, Metallica, Lil Wayne, Andre Nickatina, Black Sabbath

Rocker or camber? Camber

Lace ups or boas/fast tracks? Lace ups

Favorite Bear Mtn Feature?  Street scene

Trick of choice? Board slide

Years shredding? 15

Motivation? Mother and friends


How does Bear Mountain help you progress? 

On any run, at any time there are various different features that range from any skill level so you can take new tricks on mellow features all the way to full on gnarly street style features!




DOB - September 19, 1989   

Hometown - Orem, UT        

Regs or Goofy - Regs

Stance - 20.5 in         

Rocker or camber? Both

Lace ups or boas/fast tracks? Lace ups

Favorite Bear Mtn Feature? The new square bar DFD

Years shredding? 10

Park lap tunes? Young Jeezy 

Trick of choice? Front lip

Motivation? My friends, we’re all pushing each other to do new/harder tricks


How is Bear different than any other resort you’ve ridden? There are so many features right after another. It’s really like a skate park where everything flows together perfectly.