SnowGlobe Coverage – Day 1, South Lake Tahoe New Years

Posted By: The Ski Channel on December 31, 2011 11:53 am

Photos by Dayne Santoro

The New Years weekend festivities are in full swing up in Lake Tahoe, California. The state line between Nevada and South Lake Tahoe is almost filled to capacity, with hotels removing their vacancy signs and families and friends lining the casino-filled streets in anticipation for the 2012 countdown! With little to no snow conditions to speak of, skiers and snowboarders are taking advantage of the time off the hill by celebrating in the streets! The New Years countdown will start tonight, as we celebrate the last moments of 2011 in style.

If you are only arriving into town now, you’ve already missed two nights of outrageous music festivities, at SnowGlobe Music Festival, taking place on the Lake Tahoe Community College football field. Day 1 opened its doors to fans from all over the country, looking forward to hearing headliner, Pretty Lights, which was the stand-out performance of the evening.

Fans began filling up the field as early as 2:30pm, when popular electronic groups like San Francisco’s M Machine (pictured right) rocked the early-birds in the Sierra tent.

The Ski Channel also met up with the Givers band (below) for a brief interview on Thursday afternoon before their performance. Fresh from Louisiana, the Givers played a mellow melody, calming to compare with the electro lineup.  Check out their music at

Friday’s Bassnectar performance was too good to be true, a special treat for all in attendance, as well for locals outside the gates listening from the Sierra Nevada forest. Bass echoed for miles, as Bassnectar’s signature long, and beautiful hair swayed with his new tunes. A Disney Dumbo light show enhanced his performance as pink elephants filled the screens and dropped their powerful feet with each heavy dubstep beat.  

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Local Tahoe snowboarder, Natalia Zatarain, interviewing The Givers.

The three SnowGlobe stages have seen more attendees with each day as the festival peaks, especially with tonight’s Glitch Mob performance from 11pm – 1am, ringing in the New Year with the South Lake Tahoe crowd. The Ski Channel will be there with a special Glitch Mob pre-set interview as they get ready to light the city on fire!

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Enjoy SnowGlobe 2011 Day 1 photos, by Dayne Santoro.

The Givers in front of the Horizon Casino, before their performance at SnowGlobe 2011.


Pre-show set-up with a soon-to-be-filled football field at South Lake Tahoe Community College.


The Givers play an early set at Thursday’s SnowGlobe Music Festival.


SnowGlobe entrance as fans begin to fill the campus.


Beautiful setting for a New Years celebration in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Kraddy raises the hands of his fans, at his Thursday SnowGlobe performance in South Lake Tahoe.




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