2012 X-Dance Action Sports Film Festival Schedule Released

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 3, 2012 1:16 pm

This year’s X-Dance Film Festival is a little over a week away. The excitement is about to boil over, so before you all lose your minds here is the run-down of the screening schedule so you don’t miss a thing! Keep checking back for more info on all these great film projects as we get closer to the big event.

This year’s festival will run from January 12-15 with screening and party headquarters at The Depot. The public is cordially invited to attend any and all screenings, and if they’re lucky they may be sharing an armrest with some of the film’s producers, directors and athletes. Otherwise, they’ll have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions after each film screening.

Ticket Prices are $8.00 per screening, $15.00 Day Pass & $30.00 for All Festival Pass.

Other festival highlights include a Swag Town where guests can sample some of the tops brands and products of the season, the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award by the filmmaking legend Jack McCoy, and a ton of great parties! Festival-goers will experience the top action sports films of the year as well as the World Premiere of The Miserable Champion, Shaun Palmer’s new documentary by Brad Holmes with Standard Films; and the World Premiere of Jack McCoy’s A Deeper Shade of Blue.

X-Dance landed attendies a killer rate at the local Downtown Radisson if you need a place to crash. Just call 800-333-3333, and use the booking code 2012 X-Dance — simple right?


Thursday, January 12

1:00pm Surf Madness (Surf)

 Zombie Skate Park Bloodbath (Skate Short)

2:00pm TB20 (Snowboard)

3:00pm Minds Wide Open (Windsurf)

4:00pm One for the Road (Ski/Board)

5:20pm Solitaire (Ski/Board)

6:30pm Defy (Wakeboard)

 8-Bit (Surf Short)

7:30pm The Art of FLIGHT (Snowboard)


Friday, January 13

1:00pm Boardroom (Surf)

2:30pm Walls of Perception (Surf/Windsurf/Kiteboard/SUP)

3:30pm A Deeper Shade of Blue (Surf)

5:00pm X-Dance Institute [The Life of a Legend Action Sports Filmmaker: Jack McCoy]

Pass The Bucket:  Stephen Murray (BMX Short)

6:30pm Day At The Pool (Skate)

 Sanded (Surf Short)

7:00pm Lost And Found (Surf)

8:30pm Freedom Chair (Ski Short)

8:45pm Seth Morrison:  The Ordinary Skier (Ski)


Saturday, January 14

1:00pm After Dark (Ski)

2:20pm Frontier (Kayak)

3:00pm Obe and Ashima (Free Climb)

 Born In (Skate Short)

3:30pm Drop (Longboard Skate)

 Blue Sway (Surf Short)

4:30pm Winter (Ski)

6:30pm Denali Experiment (Climb Short)

7:00pm All.I.Can (Ski)

8:30pm 3 Minute Gaps (Mountain Bike)

 Pass The Bucket:  Tony Alva (Skate Short)

10:00pm Shawn Palmer:  The Miserable Champion (Snowboard)