SnowGlobe Coverage – Day 3, South Lake Tahoe New Years Eve!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 4, 2012 2:25 pm

Happy New Years 2012!!! We hope you enjoyed the ball drop with friends and family. If you enjoyed the countdown in South Lake Tahoe, California, you were probably amongst the raging crowd of 30,000 attendees dancing your last moments of 2011 with The Glitch Mob — a spectacular finale. This New Years’ weekend was a blast from the moment SnowGlobe Music Festival opened the gates to the South Lake Tahoe Community College football field. Fans from all over gathered in awe and got close and personal for warmth on the cool New Years Eve night.

The final evening of the festival began early at 4:15pm, with stellar performances by the Satellites, Robot Pirate Monkey and American Royalty. Next up was Dr Israel, Emancipator, Mansions on the Moon, Plastic Plates, and Childish Gambino on the main stage.


The multi-talented musician, actor, and comedian Donny Glover performing under his stage name, Childish Gambino. Photo: Justin Keppler

For those of you unfamiliar with his stage name, actor and comedian Donald Glover’s lyrically explosive musical alter ego, Childish Gambino, was absolutely out of control on Saturday night. This triple threat entertainer impressed the crowd with his firey energy and quick hip-hop style. This rap sensation prepared the crowd for a wild night of festivities.


Childish Gambino hypnotizing the crowd with his rap lyrics. Photo: Justin Keppler

The party had only just begun. The Two Fresh twins lit up the Sierra tent at 8:30pm. Originally from the southern states and now based out of Denver, Colorado, Two Fresh is getting in with the ski and snowboard scene, and their shows are popping up across ski towns for good reason. Then, Thievery Corporation took the main stage with their full band of talented musicians and enchanting vocals.


The three-day music festival featured various after-show performances at the South Lake Tahoe casinos. Photo: Justin Keppler

The pace sped up from there, with Paper Diamond’s to-be-remembered performance in the Sierra tent. His various instruments, ranging from the latest mixing equipment to an Ipad controller, demonstrated his experience in the music business. Paper Diamond’s songs have been featured in Warren Miller ski films, and Burton’s latest snowboard videos. This local Colorado snowboarder has been on the road touring as a musician since he was 19-years-old, and enjoys the stops in beautiful mountain towns like Lake Tahoe. If his stage performance wasn’t enough, he also took over the Horizon Casino for an epic after-party with Robotic Pirate Monkeys, completely packed and way too much fun.


The Glitch Mob swept the SnowGlobe crowd off their feet, marking their final tour stop of 2011. Photo: Justin Keppler

The ball dropped during the last stage performance by The Glitch Mob, as the screen flashed the seconds for the countdown to 2012. An explosion of colored paper filled the field, as everyone searched for that New Years kiss. The extra half-hour after midnight was spent dancing away to the greatest songs by these three talented musicians. The Glitch Mob, LA locals, could not have played a better show, with the crowd requesting one more song. After they pleased the audience, we were only disappointed to watch them say goodnight and for SnowGlobe to end.

New Years Eve celebration explodes as The Glitch Mob sends out an array of colored paper over fans. Photo: Shannon Marie Quirk

By far the largest event in the area considering that snowfall was at an all-time New Years weekend low, SnowGlobe sold over 30,000 tickets luring in much of South Lake Tahoe’s tourism over the holiday. However, rumors are spreading that Tahoe will not welcome back SnowGlobe in 2012. Why you ask? Over 200 noise complaints were called into the police and SnowGlobe staff each evening.

Due to its Thursday opening, the madness was not limited to the normal New Years Eve mayhem that Tahoe is accustomed to. This would be incredibly sad news for next year, considering the impressive talent that arrived and the incredible number of ticket sales. California’s current lack of snowfall would normally slow down the town’s momentum, often a devastating problem in small ski towns with many jobs and economic dependence on the winter snow season. From the $300 VIP tickets, or $150 3-day full event pass, to $75 New Years Eve single ticket, $20 shuttle pass, and pricey after-party covers, the town should recognize just how much profit this show brought into town. These guests found lodging nearby, dined in the area, and enjoyed the casino strip on the state line.


Backstage Ski Channel interview with The Glitch Mob, moments before their finale New Years Eve show. Photo: Justin Keppler

Look out for our behind-the-scenes interview with Paper Diamond, on his influence in ski and snowboard videos. You also can’t miss our backstage interview with The Glitch Mob, only moments before their New Years countdown performance, here on The Ski Channel!

.Enjoy the after-party photos of Paper Diamond letting loose at the Horizon Casino New Years Eve. 

Backstage at the after-party as Paper Diamond blows us away. Photo: Justin Keppler

The audience loved it! Photo: Justin Keppler

Behind the scenes at the Horizon Casino after-party in South Lake Tahoe. Photo: Justin Keppler