Prepare for the 2012 Winter X Games in Aspen

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 6, 2012 12:25 am

ESPN has been busy running highlights from last year’s Winter X Games, with Sal Masekela hosting the “classix” clips in anticipation for the 2012 event. As the countdown begins with less than 20 days until the games begin, Aspen, Colorado is preparing for crowds of spectators arriving into town to watch history be made, January 26 – 29th.

The official X Games website is currently featuring the amazing story of 8-times X Games medalist, Sarah Burke. The Canadian Olympic skier plays a big roll in The Ski Channel’s latest film, “Winter“, demonstrating the road she has paved for female skiers to even have an opportunity to compete in competitions like this one. Burke is excited to see her sport finally make it into the Olympics, as halfpipe skiing will make its debut in the 2014 Winter Games in Russia. Burke dominated the podium for women’s SuperPipe last year at the Winter X Games 15, and is expected to return strong again this year to Aspen to defend her title. This will be her 12th appearance at the Winter X Games.

As the most watched sport in the Winter Olympics, snowboarding has proved worthy of every medal awarded to the Olympic athletes, many of whom consider the X Games to be the most influential competition in freestyle riding. With millions of fans watching from around the world, the X Games are an opportunity for the most elite riders to show off new tricks and where the young up-and-comers get noticed.

The 2011 Winter X Games featured beautiful moments in snowboarding history, like Lindsey Jacobellis winning gold in Women’s Boardercross. And who can forget Torstein Horgmo’s triple backflip?! His attempt to win the Big Air at X Games 15 was seen by over 6,000,000 YouTube fans, still one of the most insane triple-corks on the internet:


The bar for women’s snowboarding reached new heights when Kelly Clark stomped a 1080 on her victory lap through the SuperPipe, the first women’s 1080 in competition history:


So what can we expect for this year’s games? Get ready to be wowed as the best skiers and snowboarders demonstrate just how fast the evolution of the sports is taking us. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned for updates on!