Ski Legends Dean Cummings and Matt Reardon to Rock SIA

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 10, 2012 8:44 am


SIA is the ski industry’s largest annual trade show featuring the most innovative in ski and snow gear in the world, bringing together a years worth of new design and understanding of all that is SNOW! Happening January 26. – 29., SIA draws in the hottest pros, brands, and new gear and technology-not to mention the hot babes that show it all off!

This years event just got bigger, though, as big mountain skiing legends Dean Cummings and Matt Reardon amp up the wattage at SIA in true rockstar fashion. Reardon’s band Black Sunshine will play a concert following the premiere of Dean Cummings new movie “The Steep Life”. Matt Reardon, featured in the Ski Channel’s feature film “Winter”, was at a low point in his previously amazing ski career due to a life threatening injury. However, instead of letting his inability to ski slow him down, he turned to music as a form of self therapy, which soon landed him in the Billiboard top 40 Rock charts. Dean Cumming’s, owner of H2o Guides and H2o Outdoor Gear, has pioneered ski technology as well as safety protocol in the opening up of previously uncharted territory. “The Steep Life” will chronicle Cumming’s epic solo first descents of two of the most challenging mountains ever skied.

There will be two opportunities to see the duo, first inside the actual trade show at 5p.m. on Jan. 26 where Cumming’s will show his film’s teaser followed by an acoustic set from Reardon, but then later the public showing and concert will take place at the 
Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver beginning at 9p.m.

Makes sure you get to that concert early, because if I know anything about Black Sunshine fans, it’s that they love Matt Reardon almost as much as we love snow!



Matt Reardon at December’s World Premiere of Winter in Los Angeles