MLK Day at Stratton: Missing Anything Scotty?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 16, 2012 1:08 pm

Stratton Mountain produces some fast ski racers. Sometimes when ripping down the slopes thing happen so quickly there is little time to think of much else, especially gear lost along the way! Fourteen year-old Scott Trudel blew through the race course on Martin Luther King Day and ended up clipping a gate that relieved the young ski racer of his right pole and glove!

Scott Trudel hails from Pawlet, Vermont just an hour north of Stratton where is father works as an instructor. The young Trudel has been on a pair of skis since a very early age, and is focused on pursuing a professional ski racing career. The determined skier, despite being short some equipment still finished the day’s race in admirable form.

Stratton Mountain has been enjoying some deep turns this weekend thanks to the weekend snowstorm that dumped over 12 inches of fresh powder across the slopes. The resort’s Snowmaking Operations had already done a stellar job utilizing 2.5 million bathtubs worth of water to properly blanket their terrain with high-quality man-made snow. This already great coverage was further complimented by the new natural snowfall and resulted in a fantastic weekend of fun on the slopes that continues into today’s Monday holiday.

With images like young Scotty’s missing pole and glove race, this is proving to be a weekend that skiers and snowboarders at Stratton won’t soon forget


Photography by Hubert Schriebl