Dew Tour Pantech Invitational: Day 1 Highlights and Results

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 19, 2012 4:06 pm

The results are in for the action-packed Day 1 of the Dew Tour Pantech Invitational that is being held in Killington, Vermont. The ladies hit the slope sourse bright and early under the bright morning sky with Maude Raymond throwing down a solid run that puts her in the first qualifying spot. Her combination of back to back railslides into railslide disaster grabs led into a left 360 on the first kicker, followed by a left double cork 540, and finally finishing with a huge 360 japan grab. The top seven competitors from today’s qualifier advance to Saturday’s semi-finals for a chance to compete against the best in Sunday’s finals.

Here are the top seven ladies for slope-style:

1. Maude Raymond- 86.33

2. Eveline Bhend- 81.67

3. Eva-Maria Patscheider- 66.00

4. Maria Bagge- 60.33

5. Nina Rusten Andersen- 54.67

6. Rose Battersby- 34.50

7. Emma Whitman- 23.33

 Immediately following the women’s slope course was the men trying to touch the tips of their skis to the sky on the massive 22ft superpipe. With a run that started with a strong switch left 900 mute to switch right 720 japan tp left 900 tailgrab to right 720 tailgrab, followed by another switch left 720 japan to alley-oop 360 japan, Joss Christensen put together a great run and with it received 1st place. Kyle Smaine took 2nd  place, with Massachusetts native James Campbell in 3rd. The top eight qualifiers will move on to compete in semi-finals tomorrow at 6pm EST.

 Here are the top eight men from the super-pipe:

1. Joss Christensen 80.25

2. Kyle Smaine 77.50

3. James Campbell 75.00

4. AJ Kemppainen 73.75

5. Christian Allen 73.25

6. Marshall LaCroix 70.75

7. Yannic Lerjen 70.50

8. Lyman Currier 68.50

 As the sun began to set in beautiful Killington, the men;s freeskiers took to the slope course for their last chance at qualifying for tomorrows slopestyle semi-finals. As it happened, John Streno placed first with a run that started with a right 270 onto the first rail, a back 360 switch up, a back 450 off the rail, a switch left bio 900 mute grab, finishing with a left side double cork 1080 mute grab into a right side double cork 1080. This run gave him a score of 85.00, ahead of Henrik Harlaut (82.17) and Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (80.83). The top 11 will advance to tomorrow’s semi-finals.

 Here are the lucky eleven:

1. John Strenio 85.00

2. Henrik Harlaut 82.17

3. Alex Beaulieu-Marchand 80.83

4. Vincent Gagnier 76.17

5. Willie Borm 74.83

6. Josiah Wells 72.67

7. Cody Ling 72.00

8. Matt Walker 69.33

9. Tim McChesney 68.17

10. Robert Franco 67.83

11. Alex Bellemare 67.00


The women’s super-pipe qualifying contest was cancelled, and all ten competitiors will advance to tomorrow morning’s semi-final.

 Great Day 1 and good luck to all the athletes tomorrow stay safe out there!