Too Much Snow: Mount Bachelor Closes for the Day

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 19, 2012 7:06 pm


Oregon’s Mount Bachelor was forced to close today, quite frankly, because they have too much snow!

With the recent snow storms that have proliferated across the west coast over five feet of fresh snow fell throughout the Central Oregon region in only three days! In addition to road closures due to piling snow mounds, strong winds have contributed to wide spread power outages.

Authorities say the extreme conditions make driving up to the mountain impossible, and advise against anyone thinking about trying. ODOT reported that a slide had closed Hwy 20 between Sisters and Santiam summit.

The resort was relying on backup generators Thursday to run lifts for maintenance and prepping for the weekend. The goal is to reopen Friday at 9am.

“The storm is still raging, so we will have to deal with whatever nature still decides to throw at us.”

Resort officials are hard at work on the mountain, ensuring resort operations are intact, grooming slopes, clearing roads and performing avalanche safety control.

Mt Bachelor should be back open by tomorrow and ready for the weekend. Any powder chasing skiers and snowboarders should bring caution along with their excitement this weekend. Be sure to avoid any nasty “tree wells” and try to make sure you enjoy all this fresh snow while riding with a buddy!