The Ski Industry Reaches Out to Cover Medical Bills For the Fallen Skier Sarah Burke

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 20, 2012 5:25 pm

The ski community and the world continues to mourn the death of Professional Skier Sarah Burke. Since Sarah was taken off life support yesterday and allowed to pass on, the family was faced with staggering medical costs in additition to dealing with their tragic loss. The fundraiser was organized by Sarah’s agent, Michael Spencer, and her husband, Rory Bushfield, is listed as the beneficiary.

The original cost of her medical treatment was projected to be over $500,000 as of Thursday, and in turn the website had a goal amount of $550,000. However the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association made the announcement today that the final figure would be approximately $200,000.

“Due the outpouring of love and support, enough funds have been raised to cover the anticipated costs related to Sarah’s medical care based on numbers received from the hospital this morning, Jan 20th.”

The ski industry was eager to help, since the fundraising page was released yesterday well over $200,000 has been raised to benefit Sarah’s hospital expenses and additional costs associated with her passing. 

“Because of the donations in the last day, it is now clear that Sarah’s family will not have any financial burden related to her care,” the CFSA said in a statement. “Once charges are finalized, the University will work with Health Canada to determine what type of coverage may be available and what their contribution will be, as Sarah is a Canadian citizen.”

The page detailed, “Future donations will go towards post-hospital arrangements such as services and memorial costs and to establish a foundation to honor Sarah’s legacy and promote the ideals she valued and embodied.”