Icelantic Skis is Proud to Announce the Addition of Julian Carr to their Pro Team

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 23, 2012 9:01 am

Icelantic Skis, the Colorado-based ski company has only been on the scene for six years, but in that short amount of time the brand has built a reputation for consistently great product offerings each season, and has been expanding leaps and bounds. Today they’ve announced the highly anticipated addition of professional free-skier and Discrete Headwear founder Julian Carr to the Icelantic Pro Team. Both Julian and Icelantic are known for their committment to innovation and progressing the sport of skiing — this partnership is sure to be a match made in heaven.

Julian is a 10-year veteran of the ski industry and a highly respected backcountry pioneer. You may have seen him hucking himself from cliffs in The Ski Channel’s latest film Winter, or perhaps you’ve been following his video series Memoirs From The Mountain. Julian is a busy guy, and he has a resume to back it up including a World Record Invert, 210’ Front flip off a cliff in Engleberg, Switzerland which won him POWDER’s photo of the year, multiple publications of his personal writing in national media, starring in nine movies and counting, three magazine covers so far, proud recipient of a Sickbird FWT belt buckle and his wildly successful company, and cult-­like brand, Discrete Headwear.

Julian’s passion for sports, business and lifestyle made him the ideal candidate for Icelantic’s decision for embarking upon this partnership.

“I’ve followed Julian for a couple years now – constantly impressed by his ability on the mountain – his seemingly fearless nature, in the air – and now with Discrete. I know what it takes to put your neck out there, and with the combination of this passion both on the mountain and off –we’re stoked to welcome Julian to the team and we look forward to feeding each other’s fire and evolving both the Icelantic team as well as our respective brands.” Says Icelantic Founder, Ben Anderson.

Both Julian and Icelantic have carved a path in the ski industry that is different from the mainstream scene. Julian didn’t start skiing until eighth grade and with only a skateboarding background he started with virtually no knowledge of what “mainstream skiing” was, which is fortunate, because it allowed him to develop the iconic riding style that he is renowned for today. Icelantic is a ski company that also takes an alternative approach to the sport of skiing, and does not hesitate to embrace new ideas.

“It’s an honor to be working with Julian. I’ve admired this guy for years, even stolen his front flip technique on a small scale here and there. I’ve watched Julian develop his career and his business and it makes sense now, working with him what makes him so successful -­ he is balanced, on his skis and in his office. Julian is a ripper, a passionate character and an effective communicator, a true professional. I appreciate what he brings to our industry and the way he embodies the sport of skiing on and off the hill.” Says Icelantic Team Manager, Scotty VerMerris.

Icelantic Skis is slated to unveil its 2012-2013 product line up later this week at the 2012 SIA SnowShow which takes place in Denver, January 26-29. The Ski Channel is going to be covering the show again this year, and will be sure to keep you updated on any new developments. There’s also mention that Icelantic and Discrete may engage in some sort of collaboration in the near future — fear not, we will keep you in the loop when more develops.

“I am so fired up to work with Icelantic. Their skis are amazing; their crew is amazing -­‐ they are always looking to create the best product and the most creative way to connect with their customers. I love the formula. Can’t wait to shred on Icelantic!” -­‐ Julian Carr.

Video content provided by Tim Jones and Ben Jones