Line Traveling Circus Episode 4: Which Way to Ze Autobahn?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 24, 2012 10:07 am

Join the Traveling Circus crew as they make their triumpant return to Europe. There’s an epic snowstorm about to hit, so to move fast the boys loaded up their RV and hit ze Autobahn.

An extremely dry start to winter had been plaguing all of North America when Will, Shane, and LJ Strenio (subbing in for Andy) headed to Europe for the second Traveling Circus overseas episode. While the news of recent snowfall throughout Switzerland and Austria had everyone’s fingers crossed for at least one solid pow-day, the initial plan for the twelve-day tour had been mapped with out some of Europe’s best terrain parks in mind.

The storm system over Austria and Switzerland made for all time epic conditions and after a short two days castle-jibbing in Austria the TC Euro crew realized that their planned week of park riding had just turned into a full blow pow mission fueled on magical Bavarian cheese noodles and only limited by wet ski boots and two-wheel drive rental vans with summer tires.