Alyeska Resort On Track to Break Seasonal Records with Over 500 Inches of Snowfall

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2012 12:05 pm

Alaska’s Alyeska Resort has seen over 40 inches of new snowfall over the past couple days. This new dump has sent Alyeska’s total snowfall this season past 500 inches! It all started with an early season storm that resulted in a solid 88 inches during October, followed by consistent precipitation created 436 additional inches since November 1st.  Reports from the peak cite a 134-inch depth!

This is one case where weather forecasters were dead on! The state of Alaska has been experiencing consistently cool temperatures and precipitation that has resulted in epic mid-season conditions for the resort. The historic annual average snowfall for the region is 645 inches — at this rate Alyeska is looking to exceed those averages by a huge margin.

Alyeska Resort is having an amazing ski season so far, especially in comparison to other resorts in the Lower 48. Weather patterns have delivered not only plentiful powder days, but stability has allowed the resort to open up some of the mountain’s outer areas, including Max’s Mountain, which opened to the public from the peak for the first time in the resort’s history on January 21.

Skiers and snowboarders looking to bury themselves in some fine white fluff need only book the first flight up to the mountains of Alaska to get in on the good stuff!

 Photo: Simon Evans | Skier: Sam Cohen