Bode Miller Finished 8th in Second Downhill of the Weekend at Chamonix

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2012 10:59 am

Bode Miller had a solid performance at his second Audi FIS Alpine World Cup downhill held on the slopes of Chamonix. Miller had a surprising amount of hang time after hitting a jump in the final run, and finished in 8th. Canadians Jan Hudec, Erik Guay and Benjamin Thomsen piled into the top five finishing first, third and fifth. 

Today’s 8th place finish follows an amazing 2nd place victory earned yesterday. Miller came just .01 seconds short of taking first place in an extremely well-matched race. In terms of today’s drop in placement, a great deal can be attributed to the final jump that sent Miller much farther than expected which caused the skier to lose time heading into the finish.

Sasha Rearick, the men’s Head Coach spoke of the day’s performance, “Bode [Miller] was pushing hard and just got caught up a couple of times then he flew pretty far on the bottom jump and lost a bunch of time. It also knocked him off his timing a little bit.”

Rearick went on to say, “Those Canadians put on quite a show. They lit it up!” 

Miller will have one last crack at a first place podium this weekend before leaving Chamonix. Tomorrow will see the men’s super combined featuring a team-up with Aspen’s Wiley Maple.


Universal Sports will air the men’s downhill at 2 and 11 p.m. ET