Video: Epic Powder at Stevens Pass

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2012 5:47 pm

Just came across this epic video put together during a week at Steven’s Pass. This envy-inciting edit features all the great things about snowboarding big mountain powder. It really brings back some great memories of hitting powder runs with a bunch of friends, just cruising through the pillow fields listening to the near-silent swish of your board as you cut through the snow like a big ol’ ocean liner. Urgh, I’m just in awe after watching all the fun being had up there. 

Big props to Matthew Wainhouse for putting together such a great display of what being out in the mountains is all about. And huge ups for the video’s riders: Tristan Welch, Matt Christie, Tim Carlson, Ryan Browne, Seth Stusser, Devin Elliot, Team Business Casual, Matt Wainhouse, Ari Strickland, Hans Jangaard and Bart Patitucci!

Doing God’s work boys!