Sarah Hendrickson and Lindsey Van Podium in Hinzenbach to Further Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team Lead

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2012 12:00 pm


Sarah Hendrickson may be new to the World Cup circuit, but she has been competing like a champion all season long. She leads the pack at 116 points ahead of veteran and reigning World Champion Daniela Iraschko, of Austria. With just 6 events left, Hendrickson has her eye on the overall women’s ski jumping World Cup title, and judging by her never-ceasing streak of high performance victories — its well within the young skier’s grasp. 

“I’m aiming for the overall World Cup title and that is still very possible if I can keep jumping at this level,” said Hendrickson on Sunday after placing second behind Iraschko twice this weekend in Hinzenbach, Austria. “Daniela had awesome jumps and she is giving me a run for my money. I have to stay strong.”

Hendrickson has taken first place podiums in four out of seven World Cup competitions so far this season. Her contributions have provided a huge boost to the Visa Women’s Ski Jumping Team, which is sitting comfortably in first place overall by 305 points over second-place Germany. Ski jumping pioneers Lindsey Van and Jessica Jerome are 3rd and 10th overall, and teammates Abby Hughes and Alissa Johnson are in the top 30.

“I’m not as satisfied with my jumping technically this weekend, so I’m going to work on that going into the next competition,” Hendrickson said. “But we’re having more fun than ever jumping, and of course the good results are helping with that.”

This past weekend, Hendrickson snatched two 2nd place finishes in Hinzenbach. Van took third place on Sunday, which brought her back from the 7th place she posted earlier in the weekend. Abby Hughes posted solid 12th and 16th place finishes during the weekend, and Jessica Jerome took 13th on Sunday.

As always, weather played a strong role in the weekend’s competitions in Hinzenbach. The second heat of Saturday’s competition was called off after officials determined there was no letting up to the howling winds plaguing the slopes. Although there were only three jumpers remaining, the conditions were deemed too dangerous — especially for any highflying aerials! Unfortunately, this meant that the athletes were ranked according to their first run results and the young Hendrickson was denied her opportunity to answer Austria’s Daniela Iraschko hill record jump of 96.0 meters. With first run margin of seven-tenths of a point — we all know she could have done it!

“The wind played a bit of a role in the competitions this weekend, but today (Sunday) was very fair. The competition was really tight to be in the top 10,” said Paolo Bernardi, Visa Team international coach. “Today the top three athletes were definitely the strongest.”

Van was extremely excited about her jump performance on Sunday, claiming it to be her best of the year.

“I’m super excited. I’m as healthy as I’ve been in a long time — overall I have no complaints,” said Van, who had ankle surgery in October and battled mono earlier this winter. “It’s really exciting to be part of this team right now as we’re in first overall. We have high energy and everyone is so excited and supportive. We’re definitely enjoying this.” 

The World Cup continues Feb. 11 and 12 in Ljubno, Slovenia, and March 3-4 in Zao, Japan, where there will be three comps (one comp was added to make up for an earlier cancellation in Poland). The World Cup final is set for March 9 in Oslo, Norway.

Also, Junior World Championships will take place Feb. 23 in Erzurum, Turkey. Sarah Hendrickson, Nina Lussi and Nita Englund will represent the U.S.



Official Results


World Cup
Hinzenbach, Austria
Sunday, Feb. 5, 2012
Women’s Normal Hill, HS94, K-point 85m
(with wind system calculation)


1. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (85.5, 91.5) 238.4

2. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (86.0, 90.5) 233.2

3. Lindsey Van, USA, (90.5, 87.0)  230.4

13. Jessica Jerome, USA  (84.5, 84.0) 214.0

16. Abby Hughes, USA  (83.0, 83.5) 208.0

28. Alissa Johnson, USA, (79.0, 81.5) 194.1

48. Nina Lussi, USA  (69.5) 73.4


World Cup
Hinzenbach, Austria
Saturday, Feb. 4, 2012
Women’s Normal Hill, HS94, K-point 85m
(with wind system calculation)

Second round cancelled due to wind


1. Daniela Iraschko, AUT, (96.0) 123.3

2. Sarah Hendrickson, USA, (91.5) 122.6

3. Katja Pozun, SLO, (90.5) 114.4

7. Lindsey Van, USA, (84.5) 106.1

12. Abby Hughes, USA  (84.5) 103.7

24. Alissa Johnson, USA, (82.5) 96.0

25. Jessica Jerome, USA  (80.0) 95.3

44. Nina Lussi, USA  (71.0) 74.5