Winter Dew Tour: Ski Superpipe Semi-Finals

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 10, 2012 7:11 pm

Sunny skies and warm weather at Snowbasin made for a spring-like feel at Snowbasin today for a day of superpipe semi-finals at the Winter Dew Tour Toyota Championships.  

The ladies took a turn first.  Devin Logan scored an 88.00, taking the top spot with a run that was defined by clean execution, huge amplitude and smooth grabs.  She started with a straight air, followed by a left 540, flare, straight air, alley-oop 180, and left 720, ending her run with a switch 540. She will join Maddie Bowman and the rest of the top 5 semi-finalists in tomorrow’s final at 5:00pm.  

1. Devin Logan  88.00

2. Rosalind Groenewoud 86.50

3. Brita Sigourney   85.00

4. Ayana Onozuka   78.25

5. Anais Caradeux   75.50

David Wise left no doubt in the judges mind that he should take the top spot in men’s ski pipe semifinals this afternoon.  Wise threw a switch left 720, right 900 tail to left 900 nosegrab, alley oop flat 540 tail capped with a huge left double cork 1260 tailgrab with undeniable amplitude to score a 95.00.  The next closest finishers were Thomas Krief with an 89.00 and Gus Kenworthy with an 88.00.  Top ten finishers advance to Sunday’s finals.

1. David Wise- 95.00

2. Thomas Krief- 89.00

3. Gus Kenworthy- 88.00

4. Simon Dumont- 87.50

5. Matt Margetts- 87.00

6. Benoit Valentin- 86.50

7. Mike Riddle- 85.00

8. Tucker Perkins- 84.50

9. Josiah Wells- 82.50

10. AJ Kemppainen- 76.00