Winter Teva Mountain Games: Eddie Bauer Mixed Climbing Games Begin!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 10, 2012 11:07 am

The Winter Teva Mountain Games is full on! The competition which hosts the only World Cup climbing competition in the U.S. each summer, is now embarking upon a project to attract the world’s top ice climbers for the country’s newest and richest mixed climbing competition. Its all a part of the Inaugural Winter Teva Mountain Games and is presented by Eddie Bauer. Twenty climbers will go head to head in an all out battle to seize an $8,000 cash purse on a new, 50-foot artificial climbing wall at the Eddie Bauer Mixed Climbing competition held on Friday, February 10th at the world-renowned Vail Mountain!

“Mixed climbing involves the use of modern ice climbing tools – leash less axes and crampons –to complete routes that include both rock and ice features,” states professional ice climber and Winter Teva Mountain Games climbing specialist, Josh Wharton. “This competition will showcase the amazing strength and agility elite ice climbers use at the pinnacle of their sport.”

The Eddie Bauer Mixed Climbing competition is set to take place on a newly constructed climbing wall located at the Golden Peak base area in Vail. The competition is an invitational, featuring 20 climbers from around world. Athletes to watch at WTMG include 2012 Ouray Ice Festival podium finishers Emily Harrington, Dawn Glanc, Andres Marin, Bryan Gilmore and Sam Elias.

“Some of the country’s toughest routes are located just down the road from where we’re hosting this competition in East Vail,” continued Wharton. “Vail is a world-class destination for mixed climbers, and the climbers coming to WTMG are both psyched to compete and get out to climb in the surrounding area.”

The Eddie Bauer Mixed Climbing competition will kicked off at 10 a.m. on Friday with qualifying rounds. The finals will start at 6 p.m. under the lights and the competition will be capped off with a “Super Final” round, pitting the fastest male climber against the fastest female.

Current list of competitors

1. Sam Elias                                                                                                                             Photo courtesy of Teva Mountain Games

2. Will Mayo

3. Josh Wharton

4. Andres Marin

5. Bryan Gilmore

6. Josh Worley

7. Adam Knoff

8. Justin Spain

9. Charlie Ziulkowski

10. Stanislav Vrba

11. Aaron Montgomery

12. Chris Righter

13. Marcus Garcia

14. Jack Jefferies

15. Marc Beverly

16. Emily Harrington

17. Dawn Glanc

18. Sarah Shaw

19. Garret Boarts

20. Logan Tyler

21. Artley Goodhart

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