Kelly Clark & Matt Ladley Take First in the World Snowboarding Championships Halfpipe Finals

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 19, 2012 5:31 pm

Kelly Clark took her 15th straight victory earning the Ticket To Ride title at the World Snowboarding Championships halfpipe finals. Spain’s Queralt Castellet took second, while Gretchen Bleiler followed in third. Castellet earned her spot on the podium by throwing down the second 1080 ever to be done by a female in a competition, the first was Clark.

“It was a great three-run final and I am happier than ever to be on the podium with such good competition. It’s great to do well and I am happy with my riding, I go contest to contest, but ultimately it’s one run at a time. The top three women put down the best runs I have seen in a contest. We are progressing and it’s a privilege to be on the forefront of that”, said Clark.

On the men’s side Matt Ladley landed a huge frontside 1260 that earned a second place finish and his second podium of the season. Iouri Podlatchikov took the win and Louie Vito finished in third place with a frontside double 1080

Ladley spoke of the championship event, “Four days of competition in a row, it definitely takes a toll on your body. I’m a little beat up and sore, but I feel good and I’m stoked. The pipe was really good today and the rain made it a bit faster with the wet snow, it helped me to go big. You focus and live in the moment and do the best that you can.”

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