Teens Survive Blizzard Thanks to Boy Scout Training & Burning Their Snowmobile

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 22, 2012 7:36 pm

Three teen boys are home safe tonight after being stranded in Colorado’s Routt National Forest due to a severe blizzard. The group consisting of 17 year old Justin McAlexander, 17 year old Jessie Burke and his little 13 year old brother Mason were out snowmobiling on Sunday when their machines got stuck in over two feet of snow. The boys were out in a remote area of the wilderness and were stuck without any signs of rescue for over 12 hours.

Fortunately McAlexander was an avid boy scout andĀ utilizedĀ his training to keep the group alive. After using cell phones to call for help the boys dug a 7 foot hole to improve their chances of staying warm. They gathered enough wood to build a fire that would last them 5 hours. Once their supply of wood ran out, they resorted to igniting the fuel tank of their snowmobile to keep warm.

The three teens managed to outlast the cold of the night and were found by search teams on Monday morning around 8 am.