War of the Rails at Bear Mountain: You’ve Been Warned!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 23, 2012 7:15 pm

Skiers and snowboarders looking to get some shred time in at Bear Mountain this weekend are in for a extra treat! You may want to skip out on class or work a little early because the War of the Rails will be popping off in full force — and you do not want to miss a second of all the action!

The course has been designed by rail enthusiast and pro skier Craig Coker, combining elements of big air into the rail jam. The qualifier for the rail jam will take place on Friday the 24th with the main event going down on Saturday.

If you don’t plan on huckin’ yourself onto a rail there will be other festivities to enjoy. Radio Station KROQ will be DJing on the Deck at Bear Friday, with KDAY on Saturday, and finally KYXY on Sunday.  There will be BBQ and free handouts and giveaways, just be sure not to twist a knee goin up for the prizes, it may be icy!

Speakin of Huckin’, Analog will be hosting their annual “Go Huck Yourself” contest over at Snow Summit on Saturday. It’s free entrance, with a ticket or pass, with registration from 3:30 – 5:30. There will also be ski and snowboard camps hosted at Summit all weekend by Women’s EdVentures, which is a great place to learn how to ski and ride and meet people new to the sport. 

Take a peek at this teaser video featuring Craig and some Bear Mountain shredding! 


If you think you have what it takes to create a cool video of your own, War of the Rails is holding a Viral Video Jam Competition for any interested filmmakers who attend the event. Videos will be judged on how well you capture the athletes in action and on your implementation of key product placement and banner shots. Once the competition begins, filmmakers will have 24 hours to create a 1.5-minute edit. Once your entry is submitted and the video is posted to YouTube, there will be a 5-day window to see who can get the most views. The winner will receive a prize packed consisting of over $1000 of sponsor swag. With rocking sponsors such as Monster, Bern, SkullCandy, Windells and Under Armor — you know it’s going to be sweet!