Powder & Rails: Chuck Barfoot, Snow Surfer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 28, 2012 9:48 am

Powder & Rails is back in action with a new episode on surfer-turned-snowboard-maker, Chuck Barfoot.  Chuck grew up surfing the waves of SoCal, hitting his first wave when he was just 9 years old.  When he grew up, he started working on the technical side of the sport he loved and became a surfboard-shaper.  He started out with Tom Sims in the late 70s and going out on his own at the beginning of the 80s.  That was when Barfoot Snowboards was born in front Barfoot Customs Boards depot in Rincon Point, CA.  Barfoot’s Boards is the innovative company that brought you the twin tip, the most common style seen today.

As fate had it, not long after Barfoot started making snowboards, he met Ken Achenbach.  And the rest is history. 

Achenbach was a well-respected Canadian snowboarder who believed in the work Barfoot was doing and used the resulting products religiously.  His pictures in the press were covered with Barfoot’s logo to the point that some thought it was a Canadian company.  Because Barfoot rarely left the Southern California beaches, and he was never very business-minded, Achenbach decided to head back to Calgary and spread the word.  He started the first shop to ever sell solely snowboards and sold Barfoot’s boards.  Many claim The Snowboard Shop in Canada was one of things that led to the snowboarding craze in the country. 

Today, Barfoot continues to make boards of all kinds, including skateboards.  And Achenbach has started Camp of Champions, a camp dedicated to helping kids cultivate their skills for a sport they love. 

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