War of the Rails – The Aftermath!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 29, 2012 5:07 pm

Not only was it raging outta’ control in Bear last weekend for the War of the Rails, but the participating talent put up some of the most progressive jib tricks ever seen on this side of the Sierras! Craig Coker’s competition design put the competitors up to the test and sent a few skiers searching for their poles, but if you’re scared of the pain then you ain’t got no game, right?

Despite the challenge, the competitors brought their steez’ to the course and, with a belly full of Monster Energy, tore up the course like a pack of jackals. It’s no wonder why there’s been so much progression in the snow sports in the last five years, all them darn energy drinks!¬†

Either way, these skiers put in work aiming for the $15,000 prize, the biggest purse seen in rail jam history at Bear Mountain. Now that its over, all the participants can relax and tend to their knees with a relaxing jacuzzi. However, its the winners who will be accompanied into their hot tubs by the various snow bunnies that were running rampant at the event, waiting at the bar until it was time to congratulate the victors!!

For those who participated in the viral video competition, make sure to check back soon to see who the winners are. Remember, the viral video competition is judged just as much on product placement and banner shots as it is on footage of the actual skiers. The results have not been tallied yet, so work on spreading the word to get those view counts up!

-Here are the results of the jam-

1. Tom Wallisch
2. Spencer Millbocker
3. Kyle Smaine
4. Pat Goodnough
5. Karl Fostveit
6. Joe Schuster
7. Giray Dadali
8. Dominic Laporte
9. Matt Walker
10. Khai Krepela
11. Alex Dorzynski
12. Aiden Sheahan
13. Martin Boulais
14. John Kutcher
15. Sebastien Chartrand

 Check out this video to see the highlights of the War of the Rails!