Powder & Rails: Burton US Open – Part 1

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 6, 2012 5:58 pm

Powder & Rails latest video installment focuses on the Burton US Open, which is the longest running contest in snowboarding. The US Open is celebrating its 30th anniversary, and there is an extremely rich history to explore. On the second weekend of March 2012 the sports top riders will converge to battle it out of the 2012 title. Not only are they fighting for bragging rights that will last the rest of the year, but they are looking to join the ranks of snowboarding history’s elite, and become a part of the rich history that is the Burton US Open.

The Burton US Open has traditionally been held at Stratton, Vermont and is one of the most storied events in the snowboarding industry. A a lot has gone down during the past thirty years at the USO: old school downhill racing, the first machine-dug halfpipe, keg parties, snowball fights, mini-riots, people dangling from trees above the halfpipe, intoxicated individuals acting wild and some of the coolest stuff in snowboarding history–sometimes those last two are one in the same. 

Powder & Rails assembles accounts from snowboarding legends like Terje Haaksonsen, Jake Burton, Jeff Brushie, Andy Coghlan, Tricia Byrnes, Seth Neary, and Jason Ford, many of which have had podium spots throughout the USO history. Speaking of podiums, US Open winners and Olympic medal holders like Danny Kass, Ross Powers, Kelly Clark, and Hannah Teter are in there too.

Part 1 goes into one of the most controversial things to ever happen at the US Open, 1996: “The Year of the Cage.” — pay attention to that segment!