SecuraFone Mobile App Uses GPS to Keep Skiers Safe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 7, 2012 2:32 pm

Mountain sports are both a great source of fun and inherently dangerous. Modern technology has enabled athletes the freedom to roam farther then ever before, and now, at least one company is utilizing technology to help keep them safe. SecuraFone, a new mobile application from SecuraTrac, turns any phone into an instant GPS locator that can text or email ski patrol with the press of a button in the event of an emergency. SecuraFone can also be used by resorts to track skiers if they venture into areas of the mountain that can be dangerous. 

Whether on or off the mountain, SecuraFone can help mitigate an emergency situation…even before it happens. Here is how it works: using GPS technology, the SecuraFone app automatically tracks and reports locations with more than six alert types. Feature highlights include a “distracted driver” function, which disables email and text functions when driving, “securafences,” which alerts an account holder if a pre-set virtual border is crossed (by entry or exit) and “speed alerts,” which notify designated contacts via email and/or text message if a pre-determined speed threshold is exceeded.

SecuraFone is currently available for iPhone and Android phones and is free to download with an $8.99 monthly fee. SecuraFone can be downloaded by visiting the SecuraFone website or through your mobile device’s app store. A SecuraFone application is also being developed for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.  For more information, visit