Red Bull Cold Rush: Dane Tudor & Rachael Burks Take the 2012 Title

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 8, 2012 11:57 am

The athletes judging the footage

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Red Bull Cold Rush LogoAfter two days of big mountain cliff hucks and high flying action the results are in for this year’s Red Bull Cold Rush competition. Based upon a decision reach by their peers, Dane Tudor and Rachael Burks have earned the title of Best Overall Men’s and Women’s skiers respectively at the Red Bull Cold Rush. Pep Fujas was voted 2nd and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa was voted 3rd on the men’s side. Jackie Paaso came in 2nd and Michelle Parker took 3rd on the women’s side.


Pep Fujas, Dane Tudor and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa Accept their awards

Tudor absolutely dominated the Big Mountain day as he fearlessly dropped into the Pequeño chute, launched a quick air off a rock, blasted through the Hourglass section of the course and sent it of a gigantic 25+ foot rock chute known as the Broom Closet. He continued his strong showing on day 1 into the Slopestyle day where he busted out a meticulously clean line with a super stretched out tailgrab off the Mine Cart rail, a ubber stylish 720 and switch 540 off the Castle jump. His consistent performance and go-big attitude earned the resepect of his fellow competitiors and allowed him to take home the title.

“I’m just super stoked.  Everyone out here just kills it, so to be on top at Red Bull Cold Rush is just awesome.  I’m really hyped as I’m heading up to Alaska this week so carrying this win up there is gonna make it a great time,” said Tudor following his win.  Tudor added, “I said this to someone the other day. A lot of events are panel judged, and a lot of times you’re like ‘this person shouldn’t have gotten this score or this person should have got that score’, so when I heard we’re judging ourselves I was hyped as the athletes we want there are making the decisions.”

Jackie, Rachael and Michelle accept their awards

The entire women’s side represented huge this year, but it was Rachael Burks who stood out from the pack. During the Big Mountain day she dropped into the Grande, ripping over a rocky section before carving skiers right to tackle and even larger cliff drop! She followed this feat during day 2′s Slopestyle competition by putting together a very clean line that consisted of airing off the step-up and then transferring over the knuckle before sending the biggest backflip of the day off the Castle jump.

Rachael Burks is stoked!

“It’s the biggest honor and I’m so stoked that I don’t really have words.  I’ve never been on a number one podium but to be on the podium at Red Bull Cold Rush is the biggest deal in the whole world and I’m just elated.”

After the mine cart style trophies were presented to their new owners the evening continued in epic fashion with the cover band Metal Gods taking the stage. The group absoluttely rocked the house and nearly shook off the (most likely antique) decorations from the walls fo the 130-year old Grand Imperial Hotel. The athletes and event crews partyed out well into the night before the group bid eachother a fond farewell until next year’s Red Bull Cold Rush.

Metal Gods rocking the house

Even though the athlete voting has concluded, fans of the competition can still vote for their favorite competitor at Voting will remain open until March 26th, allowing time to view all the action on March 24th which will be airing nationally on NBC at 1pm EST/10am PST. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will win an additional $1000 thanks to your vote.  

Red Bull Cold Rush trophies

Overall Results

Men                                                              Women

Dane Tudor – 92.50                                Rachael Burks – 95.83

Pep Fujas – 88.58                                    Jackie Paaso – 91.75

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa – 85.92            Michelle Parker – 90.58

Dash Longe – 84.00                               Lexi Dupont – 89.42

Andy Mahre – 83.33                               Anna Segal – 89.17

Logan Pehota – 81.25

Fabio Studer – 80.83

Wiley Miller – 79.50

Tim Durtschi – 77.58

Sean Pettit – 73.58

Dave Treadway – 73.25

Collin Collins – 72.42

Leo Ahrens – 67.92

Josh Bibby – 60.83

Callum Pettit – DNF

Richard Permin – DNF

Tobias Tritscher – DNF

Kye Petersen – DNF