Shaun White and Elena Hight Win 30th Annual Burton US Open Halfpipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 10, 2012 6:06 pm

Everyone knew the 30th anniversary of the Burton US Open would go down in the history books. As record-breaking crowds descended upon the slopes of Stratton Mountain, it became apparent that this year’s competition was going to be taken to an entirely new level. On an absolutely perfect blue bird day the legendary Olympian Shaun White and Elena Hight each won the 30th annual Burton US Open halfpipe competition today for their respective divisions. Each victor took home a $25,000 prize purse along with one of the most coveted titles in the entire snow sports industry.


A roster of the most elite snowboarders turned out to compete for the halfpipe title, making for extremely steep competition. Elena Hight continued her strong performance throughout the entire weekend and managed to do what was thought impossible by ending Kelly Clark’s 16-competition winning streak. The margin was as thin as it gets, with Elena edging out Kelly by a minuscule 3/10ths of a point! Elena ended up throwing down a solid 86.50 run that included back-to-back 900s, which is a trick combo she has been striving to achieve over the past year. Ellery Hollingsworth rounded out the podium in third place.

Burton US Open - Women's Halfpipe Podium

“I’m really happy with the whole weekend – the pipe and weather were amazing,” said Elena. “I haven’t been at the Open for a couple of years, and it’s great to come back and embrace the 30th anniversary of the event.”

The men’s halfpipe final was an absolute spectacle. With legendary US Open champions including the likes of Shaun White and Danny Kass taking on young titans like Louie Vito, Iouri Podladtchikov and Danny Davis everyone knew something epic was about to go down. Shaun White the “Flying Tomato” was the first snowboarder to drop in and solidified his victory from the very beginning. White’s first run earned him his fourth US Open halfpipe title and was accomplished by throwing down a method, frontside double cork 1080 stalefish, Cab double cork 1080 melon, frontside inverted 540 stalefish, backside double McTwist 1260 ending the run with an alley oop backside rodeo. Wow, try saying all that in one breath.

Shaun White Catching Some Sky

“Coming to the 2012 Burton US Open was amazing,” Shaun White said. “It was great to see Jake and be a part of this historical event. I’m proud to take home this victory.”

 While Shaun White wrapped up first place after just one run, the next two spots weren’t solidified until the final runs of the day. Louie Vito took second place and Benji Farrow finished out in third. Danny Davis and Danny Kass absolutely killed it during their runs as well and got a ton of love from the elated crowds.

Burton US Open - Men's Halfpipe Podium

Aside from the halfpipe titles, there were several other significant awards given out during the day. Both Iouri Podladtchikov and Kelly Clark were bestowed the 2012 Burton Global Open Series halfpipe championship titles (each worth $25,000). Jamie Anderson and Ryo Aono won the MINI Countryman. Ellery Hollingsworth and Taku Hiraoka won the halfpipe Creative Use of Space awards, presented by MINI. Arielle Gold and Ayumu Hirano won the first ever Nokia Rookie Award worth $5000 each.  

The 2011/2012 TTR World Tour also came to a close today at the 6Star Burton US Open. After a thrilling season full of multiple highlights, Iouri Podladtchikov Kelly Clark have clinched the TTR Halfpipe World Tour Champion titles and Stale Sandbech and Cilka Sadar have been awarded with the TTR Overall World Tour titles.

Next up are tonight’s ‘Night Jam’ and tomorrow’s ‘Junior Jam’, then the 30th anniversary of the US Open will be in the history books. If you missed the US Open finals, highlights of winning runs and full webcasts will also be available for on-demand viewing at


2012 US Open Competition & Entertainment Schedule

Saturday, March 10 – 7:00 pm - The Night Jam, under the lights in the main base area

Sunday, March 11 – Junior Jam


Men’s US Open Halfpipe Final Results

1. Shaun White (USA) 90.44 – $25,000

2. Louie Vito (USA) 89.38 – $14,000

3. Benji Farrow (USA) 86.00 $6,000


Women’s US Open Halfpipe Final Results

1. Elena Hight (USA) 86.50 – $25,000

2. Kelly Clark (USA) 86.19 – $14,000

3. Ellery Hollingsworth (USA) 80.56 – $6,000