Montage Deer Valley: Luxury in Park City

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 12, 2012 7:00 pm

Montage Deer Valley LogoFor those looking for a five-star finish to the season consider Montage Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.  In a true ski-in/ski-out location, you can hit the slopes in a matter of minutes.  At the height of luxury, skiing is only part of enjoying your experience in Park City. 

This resort has it’s own 7,000 square foot outdoor outfitter, Compass Sports, and offers ski valets to help you customize your time.  Picture an environment where valets carry iPads specifically for personalized equipment rentals and experiences.  This is a reality at Montage, and your rentals will specifically chosen for your skill level and needs without so much as touching a ski.  For your convenience, these iPod-carrying valets will always be walking with updated weather and mountain conditions in hand on the off chance they need to adjust your equipment. Don’t be deterred if you’re not looking for winter fun, because there fun for all seasons here, and Compass will find you a mountain bike as easily as a snowboard.  

Fitness classes are also offered as a way to prepare for or relax after a day on the slopes.  With the help of professionals, guests can work to prevent injuries and stretch out sore muscles post skiing.  There are yoga classes specifically for skiers, pre- and post- mountain stretch classes, boot camp, and Pilates reformer. 

Pools, fine restaurants, and shopping are part of the package when you stay here.  Guest rooms come with rain showers, plush bathrobes, and soaking tubs.  Montage is definitely raising expectations. 

Montage Spa

And what would Montage be without a spa?  Spa Montage offers lavish treatments including the Après Ease in which nutrient-rich healing mud is used to ease physical discomfort and encourage he removal of cellular wastes.  Follow that with an “intentional” point-specific massage to relax stressed muscles and restore flexibility. All of this comes with an amazing view.  You’ll be refreshed and ready to hit the slopes again in no time.  Or not.  Relaxing can be underrated.