Winter X Games Tignes: Jamie Anderson Wins Snowboard Slopestyle

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 16, 2012 6:29 pm

The results are in!  Jamie Anderson stomped out some solid tricks for the repeat win at the European X Games Slopestyle gold. Her win was secured with the first run which included a 720 tail grab, a switch back 540 and solid, technical tricks in the rail section.  Never one to rest on rest on her laurels, Anderson came back for the second run and managed to improve her already near-perfect score with a gap to Cab 270 off, half Cab in backside tailslide to fakie off the top rails into a Cab 720, switch backside 540, frontside 720, and followed it up sold tailpress on the bottom rainbow rail to 270 out to up her score to 98.

This is her fifth gold at the Winter X Games.  With her effortless style, it is easy to forget the amount of skill that goes into each of her runs.  It has been a very successful season for the young snowboarder.  She also won the Burton Global Open series and TTR World Tour slopestyle. 

Spencer O’Brien was not far behind Anderson with an excellent run.  Her first included a switch frontside 180 gap to 5-0 to backside 180 off, frontside boardslide, backside 540 to super smooth switch backside 540, frontside 720, with a solid grab held all the way, and a full 40-ft nose slide to 180 out on the rainbow rail.  An unfortunate fall on a 900 attempt on the second kept her from pulling through for the win, but the 92.66 first run score kept her in second.  

“It means so much,” said Anderson of her win. “I’m so happy to be here with all the girls. I wanted to try to do a 900. I haven’t gotten it yet. A little bit more work — maybe next contest.”

Bronze went to Finland’s Enni Rukajarvi for the second year in a row with 88.00 points.