Aspen Continues Strong Season with Concerts, Crazy Costumes and Comps !

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 28, 2012 3:24 pm

Aspen made sure everyone had a great time at the Bud Light Spring Jam this past weekend, which featured a free concert by Airborne Toxic Event, the Fallen Friends competition, and the Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls race.

The Fallen Friends competition consisted of 2-6 member teams that competed in an obstacle type course of jumps, bumps, and park features while sporting new trends. 



1st – Mobbin’s Boom Boom Huck Jam – Featuring Brandon Rohrbaugh, Madison Bailey, Blake Axelson and Chase DeMeulenaere.

2nd – Lick the Stamp and Send It! – Featuring Joey Stokes, Bueno, Teddy Karlinski, Eric Angus, Bretton Louhan, Mike Emerson and Evan Carmichael.

3rd –The Big Lebowski – Featuring Pat Sewell, Ryan Gervis, Chris Tatsuno, Parker Olsen and Willie Volkhousen.

Junior: Delivery Boys – Featuring Cooper Campisi, Campbell Michell, Cassidy Jarrell, Leo McDonald and Logan Brolen.

Most Spirit: Tour de Friends – Featuring Ben Westfeldt, Amelia “Wheels” Burns, Michael Olenick, Peter Olenick, Jon Lafferty and Ryan Odell.

Best Costume: We Work Out – Featuring Catie Cook, Lauren Whalle, Molly Wilson, Nicole McNulty and Colton Balentine.

Best trick: Benny’s offspring

$5,000 was raised thanks to the 25 teams that competed. The proceeds go to the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club (AVSC) Scholarship programs in honor of friends who have passed away skiing or snowboarding in the mountains.

The Helly Hansen Battle in the Bowls consists of 10-14 runs that challenges teams of two which include several Highland Bowl hikes.  The competition welcomed athletes at many different levels as there was also a non-competitive field as well. 

Picture Credit: Seth Beckton


Competitive Ski Results:

1st – Austin Nelson and Jordan White with a time of 3 hours, eight minutes and one second (3:08:01).  Taking home $700 to spilt.

2nd – Chace Dillon and Anton Sponar with a time of 3:09:28.  Taking home $400 to split.

3rd – Jules Campbell and Todd Fetter with a time of 3:14:43. Taking home $200 to spilt.

Competitive Snowboard Results:

1st – Riley Gessele and Joe McMenimen with a time of 3:13:33. Taking home $500 to split.

2nd – Jason Neilson and Casey Vandenbroek with a time of 3:13:55. Taking home $300 to split.

3rd – Christian Whetsell and Eric Frazier with a time of 3:14:54. Taking home $100 to spilt.

Fastest Bowl Hike: Ryan Sarka with a time of 15:31

Slowest Bowl Hike: Caroline Kaplan with a time of 1:21

Most Team Vertical: Jake Silverman and Austin Lee with 38,558 vertical feet

Thanks to all the competitors, sponsors, and artists who put on one heck of a show to give this ski season the fair well it deserves.