Mancuso Hits the Big 1-5

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 2, 2012 12:23 pm

USSA - US Ski Team LogoThis weekend, Julia Mancuso topped her already impressive record of 14 U.S. titles set just a few days before when she won the super G at the Nature Valley U.S. Alpine Championships at Winter Park.  Saturday, she one-upped herself when she took home the giant slalom title at the same event.  Her record now stands at 15 U.S. titles!

“First run was really good conditions, for the second run it is so warm here it was tough, but nothing too bad. I really have fun skiing in the spring and I like these conditions so I never feel unsafe or that I am risking anything by being out here, it’s more that if I stay home I’m risking missing out on all the fun,“ said the Olympic gold medal winner.

This is Mancuso’s fourth straight giant slalom title and sixth of her career.  Her accolades also include four super G gold medals, four combined, and one downhill. 

Junior skiers also had an exciting competition with 19-year-old Norwegian Kristine Gielsten Haugen placing second just ahead of 17-year-old Mikaela Shiffrin of Burke Mountain Academy.  Shiffrin won the women’s slalom early last week.

“I’ve got 10 years of experience on these girls [Haugen and Shiffrin], so it’s kind of scary that they’re giving me a run for my money,” Mancuso said of her challengers. 

There is always a sense of excitement when the weathered pros and the fresh-faced juniors go head to head.  It brings out best performances all around.

“It’s been great, I never thought I could be top three here so I am really happy. This is one of my best results actually, maybe fourth at junior worlds was one of my best before this but I think it’s right up there,” Haugen said. 

Lindsey Vonn was out of the running after the first run when she made an early exit after getting late into a hairpin turn.