Monk & Davis Podium at Snowboarding Junior World Championships

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 2, 2012 1:15 pm

Californian natives Indigo Monk and Brandon Davis claimed the silver and bronze podium spots for this weekend’s slopestyle event at the Snowboarding Junior World Championships held in Sierra Nevada, Spain.

Monk, who took second at the Sprint U.S. Grand Prix held last month at Mammoth Mountain earned a silver medal by throwing down a run featuring a frontside 360, to backside 360 to a frontside 540 with technical and clean rail tricks.

She spoke after the event, saying, “The contest has been great, we’ve had super sunny skies and it’s been sweatshirt weather. Last night I was walking down the street and I sprained my ankle. Luckily I was pre-qualified and I was going to use practice because I couldn’t quite ride until my run. I am super sore, but everything turned out great!”

Davis’ run was a cab 900, frontside 720, backside double 1080, rodeo, switch lipslide to front 180 onto the butter pad. He has been a U.S. Revolution Tour regular, already claiming two podiums earlier this season by winning the North Star at Tahoe stop and placing second at the Mount Snow finals.

Davis who was pleased with his run and the course as a whole, said, “I just put my run together. It was a tough comp and a lot of kids from all over were really good and throwing down. The course was good, I was surprised how good it was, especially with Spain not having much snow, but they made it happen.”

Both Monk and Davis’s strong performances assisted the U.S. in placing second overall within the Junior World Championship standings. In total, the U.S. has been awarded a record 12 medals across all sports this season!

This event wraps up the FIS Junior World Championships.