Stefan Hasul Tests Out New Goggle And Camera Technology

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 6, 2012 6:26 pm

Recon released this video today of Austrian freeskiier and SCOTT athlete Stefan Hasul’s runs during the Swatch Freeride World Tour at Fieberbrunn.  Hasul was geared up with the newest technology in goggles and action cameras.  This video is the result of combining information from a Recon Instruments MOD Live, a SCOTT Recon Ready NAV-R-2 goggles, and a Contour+. 

The Tru Stats data on the bottom right side of the goggle view came from Hansul’s Recon Instruments MOD Live.  This tiny piece of equipment slides into a pair of goggles virtually unnoticeable and acts as a dashboard of sorts sitting unobtrusively in your line of sight.  In this new and improved version of the former MOD model, the Live MOD gives the wearer information about speed, jump analytics, vertical, altitude, location, distance, temperature, and location of friends.  It has the ability to connect to a smartphone, which gives wearers the opportunity to get texts and calls directly to their goggles.  Like music?  View and control your playlists in the same way.  And it also has a chrono/tracker that you can use to mark a spot on the mountain you want to return later or to time your runs.  Maps are also a thing of the past, as the goggles have a resort navigation system that can get you to the nearest bathroom or bar without delay. 

The SCOTT Recon Ready NAV-R-2 goggles have hypoallergenic 3L UltraSoft Face Foam and come with the SCOTT Fit System for customized face and nose fit.  There are four positions to choose from for optimized comfort.  They come in white, black, and dark blue and Recon Ready.  Pop in the MOD or MOD Live. 

And the footage is a result of the Contour+.  This is a small HD camera with a 170-degree rotating lens that was easily mounted on Hasul’s helmet.  The footage can be stored on SD cards in the device of up to 32 gigs.  It allowed for live streaming via HDMI, the only hands-free camera that has this capability.  It is also Bluetooth-friendly, an excellent feature that allows the wearer to see what the camera sees on his or her mobile phone.  And finally, the GPS function tracks location, speed and altitude. 

The result is an interactive trip down the slopes that looks like it was created for an episode of CSI.  The effects of this technology will be exciting to see.