2014 Sochi Committee Needs Volunteers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 13, 2012 12:49 pm

The Sochi 2014 volunteer team has begun a mass recruit for volunteers for the Winter Games.  The team jumped on board during the All-Russian volunteer “Youth Train” event took place and went all over the country getting citizens excited to donate their time to the global competition.

In just under two years, the Games will open in Sochi, and it’s going to take figurative army to pull it off.  As with most large-scale events, officials will rely on the help of volunteers.  An estimated 25,000 volunteers will be needed throughout the Games in Sochi in more than 20 areas of activity.  They will meet delegations at the airport.  They will help organize the Closing Ceremony.  More than 3,000 will welcome visitors and assist them in finding their way between venues.  Volunteers will make up more than 30% of Olympic personnel. 

Youth Train Participants

So when they partnered up with various other volunteer organizations of Russia and went out to recruit, the Olympic volunteer team meant business.  They stopped in eight Russian cities and covered around 3,106 miles (5,000 kilometers) in ten days before returning to Moscow.  The goal of the tour was to encourage healthy living, prevent youth drug abuse and alcoholism, attract young people to participate in social activities, and of course, promote volunteerism. 

“We are not tired at all even after 10 days traveling! And every city we visited seemed to give us a fresh burst of energy. We told the guys what the Olympic Games are and explained that anyone can become a part of them!” said Sochi volunteer Oksana Babkina.

Sochi Volunteer Heart

At each stop on the tour, Sochi volunteers gave residents a symbolic volunteer heart, “lit” at the launch of the volunteer recruitment process in Sochi on February 7th.  The idea was to show the selflessness to help others and to promote involvement in the Olympic and Paralympic Movement.

One of the most important stops was in Sochi, itself.  Representatives of the Administration and residents of the city–including many Volunteer Movement companions—met the volunteer train upon its arrival.  Volunteers stopped by the Museum of Sports Glory in town and were given the opportunity to touch the volunteer heart, taking some of its warmth home with them.  The excitement was  widespread and palpable. 

Sochi Residents Meet Volunteer Train

“My role has been to provide the guys with a real demonstration of the great opportunities that Olympic sport opens to them. Volunteers will be at the very center of events, which means that their work will be hugely interesting and varied. And the task that lies ahead of them is truly important: to promote a healthy lifestyle!” Sochi 2014 volunteer, Artem Nechaev commented.

The volunteer training program is on of the Organizing Committee’s most ambitious projects, but it will surely pay off in the end.  All volunteers between the ages of 18 and 80 on January 6, 2015 are welcome.