Vail Voices Support for Environmental Conservation

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 18, 2012 12:38 pm

Vail Resorts LogoVail Resorts, Inc. continues to be environmentally conscious and is joining Colorado Environmental Coalition (CEC) and other conservation groups in their support of Senator Udall’s and Congressman Polis’s environmental efforts.  The two politicians are working diligently to designate more wilderness and special management areas in Eagle and Summit counties.  The specific area they are working save would provide improved protection and management for around 175,000 acres of ecologically important land. 

The areas provide wildlife habitat and are community watersheds, including Hoosier Ridge near Breckenridge and West Lake Creek outside of Edwards.  Protecting the land will benefit local mountain communities as well as the wildlife.  Part of the appeal of living in the mountains is the serene natural beauty of the land. 

“We are pleased to have Vail Resorts’ support for designating additional wilderness in the central Colorado mountains,” said Elise Jones, executive director of the Colorado Environmental Coalition. “Business support for this initiative will be critical to its success. Coloradans have long understood the link between a healthy environment and a healthy economy. In addition to CEC, The Wilderness Society, Wilderness Workshop and Colorado Mountain Club have been working with local businesses, forest users and government officials in support of wilderness protection in Central Colorado.”

“The special nature of the economies in Colorado’s resort communities relies on the successful balance of offering thoughtfully developed recreation opportunities on our public lands with the preservation of pristine wilderness areas,” said Beth Ganz, vice president of Public Affairs and Sustainability at Vail Resorts. “Vail Resorts is proud to support this effort to strike that important balance.  We believe this proposal and the protections it will provide are critical for Colorado.”

There is strong support for the wilderness proposal throughout Summit and Eagle counties as well.  Elected officials, businesses, residents, and local and state conservation groups have all reiterated the need to safeguard the land.

“I think it’s the right thing that Vail Resorts is stepping in with their support as this proposal takes into consideration the collaboration among many key stakeholders,” said Town of Breckenridge Mayor John Warner. “The proponents of the identified additional wilderness areas really listened to the mountain bike community and preserved trails for them. They also listened to the municipal community so that watersheds could be adequately protected. These wilderness areas are a great addition for Summit County.”

Photo credit: Zach Dischner