CopperMan Rallies to Support Super Woman Sally

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 19, 2012 5:11 pm

The CopperMan Adventure Race saw its inaugural debut this past weekend in what is sure to become an annual end-of-season event at Colorado’s Copper Mountain.

The resort seized the opportunity to dedicate the weekend’s festivities in honor of beloved skier, Sally Francklyn, who is a long-standing member of Copper Mountain’s Ski Patrol team. Sally was seriously injured in a ski accident at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort last moth after enduring a violent fall that cracked her helmet. While the young woman remains hospitalized, she has not strayed far from the minds of her many friends and family. This can be attested by the fact that CopperMan participants, the National Ski Patrol and Copper Mountain Resort managed to raise over $2,800 to aid their fallen friend.

A special event was offered called the “Super Hero Sally” heat, and encouraged participants to don CopperMan capes, which were sold at the resort. Those who purchased a cape did so knowing that the proceeds would go towards Sally’s recovery efforts and Copper Mountain matched the total amount raised. The National Ski Patrol also raided $718 at their annual banquet held over the weekend.

Copper Mountain’s Marketing Director, Pete Word stated, “It is humbling to see the community come together in support of a long standing super star”

Online donations can also be made directly to Sally’s Super Fund. Proceeds will go to cover any medical expenses that are not covered by Sally’s insurance, support volunteer EMS/Rescue provides and assist in Sally’s rehabilitation during her recovery.

Sally’s brother Chris Francklyn has been continuously updating his sister’s Facebook page with important developments. The most recent post was on April 15th, and reads as follows:

“Big day tomorrow. Sally is getting transferred back to Colorado Springs around midday. Send positive thoughts and prayers that the move goes safely, timely, and flawlessly! We are excited to get her back home to continue her recovery and rehabilitation! I’ll update as things happen! Thanks for the continued love and support everyone. It has been incredible, and I know that Sally feels all of your positive energy, and is fighting to wake up as hard as she can.”

It’s heart-warming to be a part of an industry that goes to such lengths to look after one of their own. For now, enjoy the following photos of CopperMan participants joining in the fun at the “Super Hero Sally” heat.